Gooners Vs Cancer Day of Giving Guidelines!

Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this.  I know many groups have been incredibly charitable and have their own excellent causes, so if you’re helping with this it means everything to me and I truly appreciate it.   This is my first stab at taking this national and am warmed by the turnout.  Next season I expect this will be even bigger, with much more advance notice, signage provided, etc.

For this year, there are two “options” of how to participate in this event, depending on the level of effort and time you wish to devote. ANY effort and time is much appreciated, NOTHING is “expected.”

Level 1 (the easiest and least effort): Just promote to your group that you are participating, encourage attendance for Saturday’s game and spread on social media (I will RT and help promote as much as I can) about the event (I have a photo file to use).

Personal incentives for members to donate: its basically a national version of the local raffles I did during this summers Arsenal tour, with an Alan Smith signed jersey grand prize.  Two ways people can donate:

Cash donations at the pub would be collected by someone, who keeps track of who donated what (I have a donor recordkeeping sheet I will provide).  After the event is done, the branch coordinator makes one lump sum credit card donation of all the cash receipts (labeling it “[branch name] cash receipts”) and sends me a copy of the donor sheet so I know who to enter in the raffle and for how many entries.  Note that entries are 1 for $5, 5 for $20 and 15 for $50.

Credit Card donors can donate online, either before, during, or after the event (until 8/31) on and get entered into the raffle. The drawing for the shirt is 9/1.  If you want to keep track of who has donated from your group by credit card, ask your people to tell you, or forward you their donation email receipt (they get a receipt for tax deduction purposes).  That’s all you have to do to be a part of this!

Level 2 is branches who are also organizing in-house auctions/raffles for locally obtained prizes, fundraisers, coordinating with their pubs for free stuff, food specials with proceeds towards GvC, etc… a handful of branches are doing that as well but there’s NO requirement or pressure to do so especially at this late date. My Alan Smith jersey auction overlays on top of that, so anyone who enters to win local prizes can have their donation ALSO enter them into the main jersey raffle, as long as you provide me with the donor list I mentioned above in level 1.

we are awarding 3 prizes to the top 3 fundraising BRANCHES as well, with the totals being counted on 8/31.  Those prizes are listed on the “poster” that I will send you as well.

Thank you for participating and for making this a great success!  Now, we just have to beat Liverpool at Anfield for the first time since the Truman administration….

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