5.23: GoonerHolic: A Celebration | A Tribute in Honour of Dave Faber

This is a very special, and humbling episode. On Christmas Eve, we welcomed to our humble podcast “home” members of the Holic family (stepson Darrell, “GrandHolic” Ethan), as well as being joined by some of Dave’s biggest admirers. We will celebrated the life and massive impact on our lives that Dave “Goonerholic” Faber had on so many of us. It was a lovefest – beautiful people sharing their feelings in the chat, on the pod, and channeling Dave’s positive and classy energy into our own lives during a difficult time. Please have a watch, and remember the man who exemplified The Arsenal Way for many decades through thick and thin. Wel shared photos and video memories of Dave and taking inspiration during catastrophic on-pitch days at Arsenal to highlight what is truly beautiful about The Arsenal – the PEOPLE. Merry Christmas everyone!

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