5.35: Lee Dixon #WOLARS Postgame Special | #TheGooners Pod ft. @leedixon2: “Is Mustard the Opposite of Pony?”

There are many postgame reaction pods in the Arsenal podiverse, and most of them are very, very good so we don’t clog the space. Figures we’d choose to do it on perhaps the most ridiculous game of the season, Wolves 2-1 Arsenal. But it’s hard to argue when we get instant feedback from a certain Arsenal Legend Lee Dixon who will help us to break down what we’ve just witnessed. Lee was brilliant, we discussed his brand new knee, his “mustard” voice, the announcing gig that got away, his FIFA21 ascendency, his generous help with our Gooners v. Cancer charity, his refusal to lie down behind the wall on a free kick if he still played, his desire to spend time on a desert island with David Seaman.. and much, much more! By the end of the hour we were calmed down “just a bit” from the game. Enjoy!

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