5.36: “Gerbil Talk” ft. James “@GunnerBlog” McNicholas | Arsenal 0-1 Aston Villa

It’s been a depressing week of results for Arsenal, but the always-uplifting James “Gunnerblog” McNicholas joins us to brighten the day, and give us a deep dive on his outstanding article in the Athletic on the strange, strange world of Arsenal Transfer Season ITKs. We laughed about the entire freakshow that includes a Bell, a podcaster posing as a Gerbil, and the “done deal” signings of Mahrez/Malcom/Allegri. We also discuss the “process” at Arsenal and how VAR and growing concerns of bias are impacting The Arsenal. Lastly, we give a shout out to Mark Brindle, who has become the most recent victim of Arsenal cutbacks despite his invaluable role in fostering relationships with supporters and supporters clubs around the world. We hope Mark is only temporarily furloughed and will be brought back soon, as his role in the club’s growth worldwide is unmatched. COYG!

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