5.42: The Gooners Pod Leicester 3-1 Arsenal Review | Debate on Opinion Weaponizing in the Arsenal Fanbase

If you saw this game coming, we’d like to have a word with you. Arsenal have gone to King Power and put in a massive performance against a Leicester City squad who apparently have the best manager since Bertie Mee. Massive performances from Willian, Pepe, and other goofballs have the dream still alive for the Quadruple. We’ll review and put things in perspective with Eoin, Mike ,Tom Canton from @thegoonertalktv. and @colossalchig from Gooner Eagle Eye. We’ll also have a respectful debate about the recent hot topic of “freedom of expression” of opinions, whatever they may be, and how too often “Arsenal Twitter” spends more time weaponizing their opinions on fellow supporters than anything else. As our chat was “graced” by the presence of some lovely and friendly individuals at the hour mark, the very concept of the show (that Arsenal fans use their opinions to batter, not banter others) came to a real life outcome as people generally show their true colours in the end.

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