5.51: No Way Jose | Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham | The Gooners Podcast & Bantzfest

Its a joyous pod jam packed with TONS of hot takes and laughs! Arsenal have pulled another big-game performance out of the hat, slapping down the Scum from up the lane in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate, but was far scarier at the end than it should’ve been. But a win is a win especially over that lot! We were joined for the first 40 minutes this week by Layth Yousif (@laythy29) of the Gooner Fanzine who, in his trademark style, filled 40 minutes with about 2 hours of views and hot takes on Saka, Odegaard, Kane, Mourinho, and the pleasure of covering a game like that as a journalist and a fan. We took a deep breath after Layth headed out and brought on a brand new signing for the Gooners Pod, the one and only @MikeHerzAFC of @NAGoonerPodcast who is joining The Gooners Pod as a new co-host! The last hour plus was perhaps the most bantz-filled , behind the curtain, nonsensical mix of Arsenal and personal ridiculousness in the history of the pod – it’s a good listen but an even better watch – Mike nearly passed away live on the pod! Why not be joyful because NORTH LONDON IS RED!

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