5.61: Sheffield Utd. 0-3 Arsenal | Startinelli | The Gooners Pod Game Review

Arsenal are back to winning ways! Eoin and Mike welcomed guests both new and old (very old). We were joined to talk about our 3-0 victory over Sheffield United by TGP debutant JJ Garcia (@THEvacationJJ) and the one and only Lee Judges (@leemarkjudges) joining us for the 146th time. we had a great time talking about #SHUARS, Lee turned heel and moved from ultra positive to negative back to positive again, JJ loves Aubameyang, Mike & JJ join the same team to fight off Lee and Eoin, and then we ended up talking about crisps, singers, bands, sandwiches, soups, and beverages for the last 30-40 minutes. It was a fantastically fun couple of hours!

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