5.63: This One’s for Glen | Slavia Praha 0-4 Arsenal | The Gooners Podcast

The Boys in Red strike a massive victory for racial equality through expressive, beautiful football – is that too hyperbolic? Well then, let’s enjoy the biggest, most important win of the season so far, a 4-0 shellacking of a club with, well, some questionable characters and supporters. Mikey & Magic welcomed in Craig from the Same Old Arsenal and Danny the GFP from A Bergkamp Wonderland to “kvell” (it’s Yiddish, look it up) about the game and take our temperature (rectally, of course) on a number of Arsenal-related topics. It was a hilarious and eventful conversation with some actual serious discussion of serious societal issues along with the normal banter and silliness you’ve come to expect.  Also, kettles.

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