5.67: “The Birdman Costeth” |#OpenMic #ARSEVE Postgame Show | The Gooners Podcast Ep. 5.67

The Birdman Giveth, and the Birdman Taketh Away.

In a week of incredible drama, pain, rage, protest, and then, football… it should surprise noone that we enter the weekend in complete shambles. Our postgame today saw us have great conversations with:







We spoke a bit about the game, about Bird Leno’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but mostly about the pre-game protests, feelings about KSE (some surprising differences of opinion), the Super League, the Fans Forum, and where we go from here as a club.

We hope to see you on our next #OpenMic Postgage show, where YOU are the star, just have a camera, good internet, and simply go to www.gooneropenmic.com and join the queue to be brought onto the show live! The more interaction the better – let’s see some new faces – first-timers move to the front of the line! COYG!

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