5.70: #GoonerFamily #VILARS 1-2 #OpenMic Postgame Reaction Show | The Gooners Podcast

It’s another #TheGoonersPod OPEN MIC Postgame Show!

Mikey Herz, Magic Mike, and special in-person in-studio guest Aston Mack (@gooneraston) broke down a pretty dire Europe League Semifinal first leg and a 2-1 loss to Villarreal that was almost a whole lot worse.

We welcomed in open mic-ers, and if you watch carefully, you’ll even catch a cameo of Mrs. Magic, who appears to be heavily sedated and in a hostage video.


Join us for our post-match Open Mic shows – where YOU are the star! just have a camera, good internet, and simply go to www.gooneropenmic.com and join the queue to be brought onto the show live! The more interaction the better – let’s see some new faces!

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