5.77: Arsenal In America | ft. Rebecca Lowe, Lee Dixon, Kevin Campbell | The Gooners Pod + Highbury Squad Present

This was a very, very special podcast indeed.   It was a 2-part joint podcast production starting on the Highbury Squad channel, with some serious star power – we welcomed in NBC Sports’ epic studio host Rebecca Lowe who is as fun and lovely on a podcast as she seems on the set.  We also surprised her by bringing in her colleague and Arsenal all-time legend Lee Dixon, and of course we were graced with the Super one himself, Kevin Campbell.   Magic Mike, Magic Soph, and Magic Manda (PG) filled out the panel and we had some great Q&A with the three legends.  We also welcomed in some epic American Gooners as well – thank you to Jess (Houston), Tiffany (New Orleans), Aston (Orlando), Taylor (LA) and MK (LA) for your excellent questions and smiling faces.

Most of the panel (minus Rebecca and Lee) slid over onto the Gooners Podcast for a postgame banterfest which was a great recap of the hour and some more back and forth with Super Kev.   The Gooner Family shone in this one, it’s a great watch/listen, hope you enjoy it!

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