5.78: #GoonerFamily #OpenMic #ARSBRI Postgame Show | Arsenal 2-0 Brighton | The Gooners Podcast

It’s the final #OpenMic postgame show of the year!

A 2-0 win v. Brighton that saw outstanding performances from Pepe, Partey, Xhaka, and a few more!

Thanks to today’s OpenMic’ers – who were thrilled to be on the panel with a surprise and “Super” visit from our mate Kevin Campbell:










We discussed the future of certain players, of the club as a whole, the end of an Arsenal Legend’s time with the club (thank you Steve Bould), and we got to hear Gavin’s very own podcast bell while hearing about this lovely mum Barbara.


The Open Mic shows will return soon, join us live, on camera, for 5-10 minutes per person to share your thoughts on the game, season, and whatever else you want to talk about! Simply to go www.gooneropenmic.com and join the queue to come onstage



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