530: “Nothing Bad Ever Happens v Palace” | Elliot Smith @yankeegunner of @arsenalvpodcast

It’s always a fun pod when Elliot aka @yankeegunner forgets how our last pod went and agrees to join us again. He keeps making the same mistake so we keep having him on. You’ll want to navigate the internet issues Elliot had because this was a fun one as we played:

“Where the F is Andy?”

“This or That Game”

“5 Personal Questions”

Arsenal have won 4 on the trot – we’re on a roll, so who better to play than a team we NEVER struggle against – Crystal FRIGGIN Palace! “You’re Not Fit to Wear the Shirt” “Mustafi the Zaha Matador” “Xhaka Acts like a D” It’s always Palace! Anyways, here’s to hoping for a turnaround and a streak to continue!

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